Womens Fellowship

Every woman who is part of our congregation is considered to be a member of this gathering.  The Fellowship meets as announced.  The Fellowship also sponsors the annual Farmhouse Fair, a large craft fair held each November.  The proceeds from the fair are used for scholarships, contributions to charities, and purchases or repairs which are not included in the church budget.


To meet the 2017 ECC Women's Fellowship Scholarship recipient, click here .


hawkwing REMINDER 

Women’s Fellowship collects gently used coats and new items for the Lakota people in South Dakota and the items are distributed through the efforts of hawkwing, a non-profit organization. There is a box in the narthex for depositing clean coats in good condition, and Jan Danforth faithfully collects and stores them each week. Our congregation has been extremely generous in their donations and every donation makes a difference, so thanks! For additional information about this mission, the website is www.hawkwing.org . You may also see Janet W. or Peg D. at church as they coordinate the hawkwing missions for our church.