Sunday School

Welcome to Ellington Congregational Church's Sunday School Program!

Sunday School is offered at the second service (10:30 a.m.) from September through May.  
Children begin in worship (except on Communion Sundays) and are dismissed to their classes after the Children's Sermon. Classes meet for 40-45 minutes.
On  Communion Sundays  (the first Sunday of the month), children report directly to class. The children's Communion Service will be offered shortly thereafter on most Sundays. 
If you wish to have your child participate in the Sunday School program, complete the registration form, which can be found by clicking here . All families need to complete the registration.

Children & Communion  

The Communion Table at our church is an open table ; in other words, all who profess Jesus as Lord and Savior are welcome to share in Communion. However, the decision to allow your child(ren) to receive communion is up to you. If you wish your child to receive, please let them know. If you prefer that your child not receive, please instruct them not to take from the plates at Communion time. There will be ongoing Communion education throughout the year (primarily on Communion Sundays) for children who are interested in receiving for the first time. If you would like to attend Communion with your child that can be arranged as well. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Crocker.


Sunday School Calendar

Please click here to view our 2016-2017 Sunday School Calendar. Keep this Calendar posted so that you keep up to date with the class schedule, Communion Sundays, All-Church Worship Sundays, and Vacation Sundays with One-Room Schoolhouse. Your child is important to us; we hope he/she will be a regular participant in our program.

Sunday School Curriculum

The curriculum we are using this year is one that the Board of Christian Education and the Associate in Christian Education have devisied. It will focus mainly on Bible stories and help the children grow in their friendship with Jesus. They will explore the Bible in ways they won't forget! The Bible stories will help children understand that God's love accompanies us through all our lives. We hope your children will enjoy these and grow in their relationship with Christ. Should you wish to review any of the curriculum, please ask your child's teacher.

Mission Outreach

Part of the focus of our children's progam is mission outreach. Throughout the year the chidlren will be invited to take part in special mission projects.

Children's Music Programs

Our children's ministries are greatly enhanced by our church's fantastic music programs. Children, second grade and older, are invited to become a part of one (or more) of our children's choirs. Rehearsals begin in September. For more information click here .


If you have any questions regarding Ellington Congregational Church's Sunday School program, please contact Lisa Crocker, Associate of Christian Education, by clicking here  or call 860-871-6606.





On  Communion Sundays  (the first Sunday of the month), children report directly to class; children's Communion Service will be offered shortly thereafter on most Sundays.