The Board of Missions is charged with raising the awareness of the congregation on the importance of missions at home and abroad. It manages the mission giving of the church. Its duties include:

  • generating financial support for homeland and world missions
  • coordinating local food and clothing delivery to the needy
  • sponsoring programs that are open to the public to educate about world missions
  • sponsoring some suppers

The Board of Missions meets monthly - day and time to be determined at the first meeting of the year. It typically has 6 members each serving a term of 3 years.


Upcoming Events

The Board of Missions Sunday & Moment

On Sunday, January 29th, at both the 8:45 and 10:30 services, we will have a service of worship and celebration focused on the many expressions of outreach engaged in by and through the members of ECC.

Recent Events

The Board of Missions celebrated Mother’s Day last spring by continuing ECC’s support of hawkwing hawkwing is a Native American non-profit organization created by Rochelle Ripley to assist the people of the Lakota (Sioux) Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota.  We collect coats for the Lakota people all year long.

Beginning May 1 st , Missions sold cards for Mother’s Day in honor of, or in memory of, a loved one.  For a donation of $5, members received a card which explained how the donations are used to help the women of the Reservation.  Upon receipt of the funds, Rochelle purchased selected items for women from a clearing house she often uses that were then shipped directly to the Reservation.

Our donations make it possible for hawkwing to support the Lakota people, who live a very hard life and have very little.