Local Outreach


The following are opportunities for the church community to get involved in the local community and beyond. . .


Sunday Grocery Cart

Every Sunday, the grocery cart is wheeled up and down the church aisles during the Offering.  All food collected is taken to one of four local Food Banks.  ECC supports the Ellington Food Bank, the Crystal Lake Community Food Pantry, the Hockanum Valley Community Council Food Pantry in Vernon, and the Cornerstone Pantry.  For more information click here .


Fifth Sunday Grocery Cart

Four months each year contain five Sundays.  On those Fifth Sundays, the cart is used to collect as-needed items for diverse, and sometimes unusual, projects.  For example, on one recent Sunday, children’s books were collected for hawkwing , the organization which supports Lakota Sioux reservations in S. Dakota.  Another Fifth Sunday saw the cart being filled with toilet tissue for the Cornerstone Shelter for the homeless.


Cornerstone Soup Kitchen Team

The Soup Kitchen is located in Rockville.  Each month, a team of three or four people prepare a Saturday lunch, using food from the Kitchen’s pantry


Thanksgiving Meal Bags

Several weeks before Thanksgiving, grocery bags with attached lists of foodstuffs are distributed to church members.  Two Sundays before Thanksgiving, these bags are returned to church, where they are blessed and then delivered to the afore-mentioned Food Banks. 


Christmas-gift Tree for Ellington Social Services

During Advent, a “tree” is set in the Narthex and gift tags are hung from it.  Each tag bears the name of an item which is needed by one of the families which are in the care of Social Services.  Members take a tag and return it with the gift, which is then delivered to Social Services.


Covenant to Care

Working with an assigned state social worker, we provide needed articles and services to local children in need.  In the fall, we collect backpacks filled with school supplies; at Christmas, needs are met through the Christmas-gift Tree and a special Sunday School project.


Support of   hawkwing

Several years ago, ECC started to develop a relationship with hawkwing , a non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting the Cheyenne River (Lakota-Sioux) Indian reservation in South Dakota.  We have sponsored many significant collections of needed items and have participated in the packing of thousands of pounds of donations. 


Matthew 25 Ministry Project

This new ministry provides hands-on mission opportunities for adults. If you read the 25 th chapter of Matthew’s gospel, you’ll know what it’s about!  Our first mission opportunity was with Hands-On Hartford, and was very meaningful.   


TELOS (Sr. High) & PACE (Jr. High)

These groups were described earlier, but deserve to be included in this section.  The youth of TELOS and their chaperones go every year to a different section of this country to help in some sort of huge project, e.g. Hurricane Katrina rehab.  Not only is their participation important to the individual project, but the people and circumstances they meet are extremely important to the spiritual growth of our young people.

PACE provides a weekend Mission trip similar to the TELOS trip on a smaller more age appropriate scale, through which students learn about serving others in our church, community, and world. 


Labels for Education

            The Women’s Fellowship collects labels from Campbell and other products, and sends them to the Elon Homes & Schools for Children in North Carolina.  A list of what to save is posted in the back entrance hallway and an envelope for collection.