"The Joy of Generosity"

A year ago, we asked the congregation to complete the sentence: “I pledge because…”  The responses revealed that sharing our time and treasure with the church makes us feel good!  It gives us joy when we express our faith by supporting our pastors, their vibrant ministries, our youth programs and the wonderful music that enriches our worship every week. 

This brings us to the theme for this year’s Stewardship campaign: the Joy of Generosity.   Since early September, we’ve celebrated this theme in worship each week by sharing a series of cartoons like the one you see here. 


To be sure, our church’s finances are no laughing matter.  This is why we ask that you prayerfully examine your giving.  If we each increased our pledges by only $5 per week, the additional $50,000 in income would provide:

  • Well-deserved salary increases for our devoted pastor
  • A reduced reliance on our endowment funds to balance our budget
  • More resources to help those in need here in Ellington and beyond
  • Needed repairs to our building
  • … and much more!


“…for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9


Being part of this wonderful church means that each of us has an opportunity and a responsibility to share.  Enclosed is your Pledge Card for 2016.  Your faithful commitment of support by pledging will enable our programs and ministries to grow.  Please complete your card after taking time to reflect on your gratitude for the love of this church, the many blessings you have received and the joy you feel when the offering plate reaches your pew.

Finally, please read the message from the Board of Trustees regarding the income our church will receive from the cell phone antenna lease (CLICK HERE ).  Even with this additional resource, your pledge is more important than ever.

Yours in Christ,

The Stewardship Committee

Marsha Andzans, Penny Gates, Chas Gross, Dina Lajoie, Todd Rolland, Jol Sprowles


Please bring or mail your completed Pledge Card to the church office  OR click here to complete an online Pledge Card




Download a pledge card by clicking here

To pledge on-line, click here


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Planned Giving

Make a Lasting Gift to Ellington Congregational Church

Planned giving is a generous and effective way of ensuring ECC's future vibrancy. You can make a planned gift in a number of tax-beneficial ways.While you should consult with your attorney or financial advisor for guidance in determining the planned gift approach that is right for you and your family, we suggest the following options - click each option for more information :


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